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At the Gates - To Drink from the Night Itself (2018)
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At The Gates «To Drink from the Night Itself»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Der Widerstand
02. To Drink from the Night Itself
03. A Stare Bound in Stone
04. Palace of Lepers
05. Daggers of Black Haze
06. The Chasm
07. In Nameless Sleep
08. The Colours of the Beast
09. A Labyrinth of Tombs
10. Seas of Starvation
11. In Death They Shall Burn
12. The Mirror Black
Dimmu Borgir - Eternal Apocalyptic Offerings (Compilation) (2018)
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Dimmu Borgir «Eternal Apocalyptic Offerings (Compilation)»
List of songs:
01. Lightbringer
02. Mourning Palace
03. Spellbound By The Devil
04. The Insight And The Catharsis
05. Blessings Upon The Throne Of Tyranny
06. For The World To Dictate Our Death
07. The Sacrilegious Scorn
08. Gateways
09. Metal Heart (Accept cover) (Bonus Track)
Arena - Double Vision (2018)
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United kingdom
Arena «Double Vision»
List of songs:
1. Zhivago Wolf
2. The Mirror Lies
3. Scars
4. Paradise Of Thieves
5. Red Eyes
6. Poisoned
7. The Legend Of Elijah Shade
James Sloan - Oscuridad Perpetua (2108)
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James Sloan «Oscuridad Perpetua»
List of songs:
01. Alba
02. Despertares
03. El Silencio en un Adios
04. En la Aurora
05. Amarga Comunion
06. Inclemencias del Tiempo
07. En el Ocaso de Tu Mente
08. Penumbra
09. Oscuridad Perpetua
Amorphia - Arms To Death (2018)
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Amorphia «Arms To Death»
List of songs:
1. Necromancers
2. Army Of Evil
3. Toxic Death
4. Camp 22
5. Nuclear Warfare
6. Arms To Death
7. Airborne
8. The Lieber Code
Pathless Land - Alchemy, Mystery, and Mastery (2018)
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United States
Pathless Land «Alchemy, Mystery, and Mastery»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Let the Legends Be True
02. The Master Sword
03. Pool of Seers
04. Strange Illusion
05. Counting Out the Days
06. Hairspray to the Future
07. Elementia
08. Chalice of Fate
09. In Lucid Skies
10. Shadows of the Green
11. Wings of Vindication
Wild Hunt - Afterdream Of The Reveller (2018)
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United States
Wild Hunt «Afterdream Of The Reveller»
List of songs:
01 At Once The Vision And The Seer
02 Odious Gamble
03 The Last Saeculum
04 Choir Of A Greater Sea
05 Desiderium
06 Afterdream Of The Reveller
07 Nest Of Flames
08 Palingenesia
Abolitionist - The Instant (2018)
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United States
Abolitionist «The Instant»
Genre: Punk Rock
List of songs:
01. The Instant
02. Trouble
03. A Little Animal Liberation Never Hurt Anybody
04. Up Rising, Together
05. The Movement
06. Backlash
07. Never Wanted This
08. Everything's Great (But We're Still Shit)
09. Failed Projections
10. Totally Bonkers
11. What If ... ?
12. Lonesome Death
Inferior Design - Inferno (2018)
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United States
Inferior Design «Inferno»
List of songs:
01. Dark Forest
02. Lust
03. Gluttony
04. Greed
05. Wrath
06. Heresy
07. Violence
08. Fraud
09. Treachery
Meka Nism - The War Inside (2018)
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United States
Meka Nism «The War Inside»
List of songs:
01. The War Inside
02. These Years of Silent Screams
03. Trailblazer
04. Arrows of Alchemy
05. Black Sky (It's Not over Yet)
Raven Black - 13 (2018)
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United States
Raven Black «13»
Genre: Dark Metal
List of songs:
01. Sticks N Stones
02. Monster
03. Nothing
04. Spider
05. Dollhouse
06. Break the Box
07. The Nobodies
Meddlesum - Default Position (2018)
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United States
Meddlesum «Default Position»
List of songs:
01. Easy Meat
02. Sausages
03. Hand in Hand
04. Gold
05. The Rescue
Poutine Science - La Vie Est Rose Pareil (2018)
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Poutine Science «La Vie Est Rose Pareil»
Genre: Hard Rock
List of songs:
1. Paradoxapiens
2. Temps Mort
3. Alan Lawsinger
4. La Magnitude Du silence
5. Palindrome
6. Mémo
7. Missives
8. Le Naufrage
9. La Vie Est Rose Pareil
Ackeron - Polarity (2018)
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Ackeron «Polarity»
List of songs:
1.Hold Me Now
2.Come Closer
3.Beneath The Surface
5.Eye Of The Storm
6.The Quiet Sun
Big Mouthers - Wishes (2018)
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Big Mouthers «Wishes»
List of songs:
2.Stupid War
3.Fantasy Of Love
4.Where The Sinners Get Lost
5.Better Go Slow
7.Taste Of Love
8.I Don't Want To Live Forever
9.Keep The Faith
10.My Way (Cover)
Firmament - Spirit Of Place (2018)
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United States
Firmament «Spirit Of Place»
List of songs:
3.This Tribe An Ocean
4.As One Watches The Rain
5.Track 5
8.Raymond Moody
9.White Light
Candescence - ...Ur Askan (2018)
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Candescence «...Ur Askan»
List of songs:
1. ...Res Dig Ur Askan...
2. Rising From The Depth
3. Revocate Creation
4. Soulscare
5. Phoenix Divine
6. For Those Beyond
7. Prepare The Fall Of Centuries
8. Och Under Tusen Namn Jag Gaar
Voyd - A Realm Awakend (2018)
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United kingdom
Voyd «A Realm Awakend»
List of songs:
01. Awakening
02. Blight
03. Deluge
04. Torment
05. Descent
06. Oblivion
07. The Light Passage
08. Kingdom of Rapture
09. Voyd
Sweet Crystal - Got Your Six (2018)
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United States
Sweet Crystal «Got Your Six»
List of songs:
1.Foot Of The Cross (03:31)
2.Warriors (04:45)
3.Can't Turn Back (03:50)
4.In Your Name (04:17)
5.Nothing Here (For You To Fear) (03:10)
6.Prisoner, Unbound (06:20)
Klaubauf - Toifl An Tirolalond (2018)
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Klaubauf «Toifl An Tirolalond»
Genre: Hard Rock
List of songs:
3I bi I
5Toifl an Tirolalond
6Wia Sond
7Da letzte freie Monn
8Klaubauf (Version 2017)
Sed Infinita - Lucha Hasta El Final (2018)
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Sed Infinita «Lucha Hasta El Final»
List of songs:
1Lucha Hasta el Final5:07
2Pensémoslo un Momento4:42
3Usem (Un Sitio En Mí)6:08
4Morder o Besar4:25
5Su Luz6:24
6Despacio (feat. Alabastro)5:22
The Veer Union - Decade: History Of Our Evolution (2018)
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In the expected
Black Fast - Spectre of Ruin (2018)
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United States
Black Fast «spectre of Ruin»
List of songs:
01. “Cloak of Lies”
02. “Silhouette Usurper”
03. “Scarecrow and Spectre”
04. “Phantom I Am”
05. “Mist of Ruin”
06. “Temple of Leviathan”
07. “Famine Angel”
08. “Crescent Aberration”
09. “Husk”
Signals from Saturn - Continuance (2018)
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United States
Signals from Saturn «Continuance»
List of songs:
01. Continuance (1:38)
02. The Fallout (4:30)
03. Anchor / Rebirth (4:28)
04. Coward (3:58)
05. Long / Division (4:54)
06. Sol / Less (3:43)

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